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Educational Staff Supervising Reports and Exercises (2018 Academic Year)

  • Hiromu Okawa
    Studies the history of modern Japan
    His research concerns the urban society and its transformation focused on dealing with living crisises such as disasters and price rises for rice.
    Major achievement:“Kindai Nihon ni okeru meibō to chiiki fukushi no shakaishi” [A Social History of Social Standing and Community Welfare in Modern Japan], in The Journal of Historical Studies, No. 929 (2015)
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  • Makoto Oguma
    Folklore studies
    Aims to identify the characteristics of folk cultures in the East Asia regions centering on the folk culture of Okinawa, specifically through comparisons between the mainland Japan and China
    Major achievement:“Nihon to Chūgoku no kyōkai wo koeru munchū” [“Munchū” beyond the boundaries of Japan and China], in “Kyōkai” wo koeru Okinawa [Okinawa beyond “boundaries”] (Shinwasha, 2016)
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  • Masaaki Kon
    Folklore Studies
    Studies the relationship between the sea and humans from new perspectives by understanding the dynamic endeavors of the sea people of Japan's Archipelago, through fishing technology and boats.
    Major achievement: "Fishing Boats Along the Tsugaru Strait", Bulletin of the Folklore Society of Japan 189, 1992
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  • Kenji Sano
    Folklore studies
    Works to establish methodology of comparative folklore study, and conducts research and studies on the characteristics of the Japanization of Buddhism and methodological investigation of practical folklore studies
    Major achievement: “A Study in the Belief in Kokuuzou-Bosatsu (Akasagarbha),” Yoshikawa Kobunkan, 1996
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  • Atsushi Shiitada
    Specialized in contemporary Japanese history and Ryukyu Kingdom history, I engage in study of formation and characteristics of the contemporary Japan, and its peripheral subjects through research of the process of the Ryukyu Kingdom annexation by the Meiji government.
    Achievement: "Aiming to be a Small Maritime Country: Contemporary History of Okinawa through Historical Axis Review” (Shuppansha Mugen, 2016)
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  • Hiroo Sekiguchi
    Modern history of Japan, restoration of old manuscripts
    Conducts research on villages and cities in the modern era mainly focusing on problems of status and discrimination. Also works with cataloguing and restoration of old manuscripts.
    Main work: "Danzaemon Shihai to Sono Kyoukai (Rule of Danzaemon and its boundaries)," Mura no Mibun to Yuisho (Status and Lineage in Villages), Yoshikawa Kobunkan, 2010)
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  • Yoshihiko Maeda
    Ancient Japanese history
    Aims to clarify the characteristics of the nation and the society primarily in the Heian period, through investigations on problems related to the ancient laws, lawsuits and punishments
    Major achievement: “Affray and Misconduct Incidents in the Sekkan Period” (“Nihonshi Kenkyu” (A Study in Japanese History) 4335, 1998)
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  • Satoru Yasumuro
    Folklore studies (livelihoods, environment), material culture studies
    Studies the relationship between people and nature through techniques for multi-purpose use of the paddy field environment, such as paddy field fishing and growing beans on the ridges between rice fields
    Major achievement: “Shinzenkan no minzokugaku: Seikatsu sekai no bunrui to meimei” [Ethnology From the Perspective of Nature: Classification and Naming of the Lebenswelt (Life-world)] (Keiyūsha, 2016)
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