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List of Treatise for Masters and Doctoral Degrees

  Number of treatise for doctoral degree Number of treatise for masters degree
2009 Academic Year 1 3
2008 Academic Year 4 17
2007 Academic Year 4 14
2006 Academic Year 4 16
2005 Academic Year 3 14
2004 Academic Year 2 15
2003 Academic Year 1 14
2002 Academic Year 2 11
2001 Academic Year 0 11
2000 Academic Year 1 15
1999 Academic Year 0 8
1998 Academic Year 4 10
1997 Academic Year 7 7
1996 Academic Year 0 7
1995 Academic Year 0 7
1994 Academic Year 0 7

Treatise for masters and doctoral degrees for the 2009 academic year

Treatise for doctoral degree (1 person)

Mongolian Obo Rituals
-Sense of Belonging and Globalization Observed in the Case of the Otog Front Banner in Inner Mongolia-

Treatise for masters degree (3 persons)

The Rise and Fall of Textile Production Areas
-In the case of the Production Areas of Chichibu Textiles-
Discussion on the Panikhida (Memorial Service) Conducted by Christians
-In the Case of Annaka Church of the United Church of Christ in Japan-
Discussion on the Purposes and Features of “Modern Tatara” Iron-making
-Through Activities Implemented to Date-

Treatise for masters and doctoral degrees for the 2008 academic year

Treatise for doctoral degree (4 persons)

Japanese Faith to the Inari Divine in the Early Modern Edo Era
- Its Formation and Development-
Hiroshima, the Memory of Mankind
History of Economic Development of Modern Fishing Communities in Shanghai
Formation of Wood Culture in Japan
-Focusing on Mount and Field Utilization and Wood Products-

Treatise for masters degree (17 persons)

Analysis of “Good Deed” at the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923
-Using the “Taisho Shinsai Biseki” (Good Deed upon the Earthquake of 1923) edited by Tokyo Prefecture as Materials-
A Study of Fire Worship and Fire Rituals in Mongolia
A Dream of Independence
-Taking the Case of Hui Tribe Brothers as Migrant Workers in Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China-
”Participation” of Citizens in Events at Museums
-Its Historical Development and Significance for Modern Museums-
Inheritance of “Japanese Traditional Performing Arts“
-Scenes at the Mechanism Doll Preservation Society in Kiryu-
Temples and Changes in Local Communities
-Focusing on the Case of Myorenji Temple in Kominato, Kamogawa City, Chiba Prefecture-
A Basic Study of the Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine Temple in the Kamakura Period
How Takachiho Yokagura (Ritual Dance Performed at Night in Takachiho) Became a Tourist Resort and How it Changed
-Taking the Case of Shimono District, Takachiho Town, Miyazaki Prefecture-
Marketing for Publicly Funded Museums
Developments in Research Methodology for Folk Implements
-An Essay on Branding Irons-
A Consideration on the Formation of Corps under the Ritsu-ryo System (Centralized Governance through Laws and Ordinances) in Ancient Japan
-Focusing on Weapons and Tactics-
The Role of Casual Talks among Neighbors and the Function of Communicating Places
-A Consideration from a Folklore Perspective Focusing on Ghost Stories-
Various Aspects of Grinding Stones in Ancient Japan Observed in Written Historical Materials
Experiences at Sea
-Based on the Life History and Records of People Living on Islands-
Present Status of Ecomuseums in Japan and Their Possibilities
-In Search for Realizing New Museums-
The Value in Terms of Folklore and Limitation Written Materials of Early Modern Era as Seen in Shokoku Fuzoku Monjou (National Questionnaire on Lifestyle)
Student Activism in Japan in 1967 through 1969
-Occurrence of Violent Internal Strife-

Treatise for masters and doctoral degrees for the 2007 academic year

Treatise for doctoral degree (4 persons)

A Study of Ryutaro Nagai from the Perspective of Political and Cultural History
-An “Attempt to Overcome the Modern” by an Eloquent Statesman and Its Failure-
A Study of Cultivation Farmers after World War II in Hokkaido from the Perspective of Folklore Records
A Study of “Miroku (Maitreya) Faith” in Okinawa
-Formation and Development of the “Miruku” Divine-
Religious Activities of Crypto-Christians in Japan and Their Social Functions
-Interactive Influence between Value System and Urban Culture-

Treatise for masters degree (14 persons)

A Study of Folk Lives Wearing Paper Clothes
-Paper Cloth in Nishi-Iwami-
The “Nong-ak” (Farmers’ Music) in South Korea
-Its Characteristics Stemming from Mimicking Farm Work-
A Study of Nagatoko (Worshippers’ Hall) in Shrine Architecture
-Characteristics of Nagatoko as Classified According to its Planar Form-
The Possibilities of Studies on Urban Traditions
-Taking Ehoumaki (Lucky Long Sushi Roll) as a Case-
Yukie Was Branded as “Mixed-blood”
-A Life History of a Mother and Her Child-
Asir Chep Nomi (First Fish Ceremony)
-Correlation between Social Changes or Social Movements and Traditional Culture in Ainu Tribe
Chuma Kasegi (Living on Load Carrying on Horses) and Involvement of Villages in the Business
-A Consideration on Chuma Associates in Shimo-Ina-
A Consideration on “Coordination” between Museums and School Education
A Comparison in the Introduction of German Army’s Infantry Drill Regulations in Japan and Qing Dynasty Before the First Sino-Japanese War
A Consideration on Museum Operations in the Future
-From a Viewpoint Placed on Publicly Funded Museums-
Epoch of the Three Major Gicchou (Ball Kicking) Games at the Japanese Imperial Palace
-The Social Status of Hayashiyaku (Cheerer) and Sanjo (Lowborn Laborer)-
Living Style of Homeless People who Live on Riverside
-People Living along River Sagami-
A Consideration on Agrarian Rituals as Bon (Buddhist Souls Ceremony) Events
-Focusing on Noodle Foods-
A Consideration on Etiologies of Misfortune
-A Case of House Physiognomy Fortunetellers in Okayama City, Okayama Prefecture